By applying to enter your vehicle in to the Luxury Motor Show 2017, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.



You (the ‘Applicant’) are applying to H & J Events LLP t/a The Luxury Motor Show (the ‘Organiser’) for permission from the Organiser to display the vehicle(s) described on your application form at the Event to be held at the Venue. 


Any application for permission to display a vehicle or vehicles at the Event via the website: is subject to these terms and conditions. By clicking ‘submit’ the Applicant hereby accepts that their application, combined with these terms and conditions shall create a binding agreement between the Applicant and the Organiser.


1. Interpretation


The following definitions apply to these terms and conditions. Equipment: any tools, electronic devices, lighting sets, audio equipment, display stands and all associated structures, fixtures, fittings and cables used by the Applicant at the Event. Event: the following event entitled “The Luxury Motor Show”, which is set to take place on Saturday 20th May 2017 at the Venue. Vehicle(s): the Vehicle(s) owned or controlled by the Applicant described in their application form. Venue: Goosedale Conference & Banqueting, Moor Road, Bestwood Village, Nottingham NG6 8UJ.


2. The Application


The decision to accept an application to display a Vehicle at the Event is at the sole discretion of the Organiser, who in their absolute discretion may impose additional conditions upon the Applicant beyond those set out in these terms and conditions, if they see fit.


3. This Agreement


The contract between the Applicant and the Organiser (including these terms and conditions) starts when the application to display a Vehicle or Vehicles at the Event is submitted by the Applicant to the Organiser and will expire at midnight on Thursday 20th July 2017.


4. Display of the Vehicles


4.1 Subject to clause 2 the Applicant will bring the Vehicle(s) listed in their application form to the Venue to display them during the Event. 4.2 The Organiser will use their reasonable endeavours to display the Vehicle(s) in a prominent position at the Venue, to be agreed with the Applicant.


5. Obligations of the Applicant


5.1 The Applicant will take sole responsibility for; a) getting the Vehicle(s) and any of their Equipment safely to and from the Venue in time for the Event; b) fully insuring the Vehicle(s) and the Equipment; and c) providing the Organiser with any special materials, instructions or any other special requests or information with regards to their Vehicle(s) or any part of their Equipment.


6. Obligations of the Organiser


6.1 The Organiser: a) will organise and stage the Event at the Venue; b) at their discretion, may promote the attendance of the Applicant and their Vehicle(s) in advance of the Event, in a manner and form to be reasonably agreed with the Applicant; and c) will use their reasonable endeavours to safely accommodate the Applicant’s Vehicles and Equipment along with any other instructions or information provided by the Applicant pursuant to clause 5.1 (c) at the Venue during the Event.


7. Liability of the Organiser


7.1 The Organiser accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage or any loss of any sort whether caused to the Vehicle(s) or any Equipment of the Applicant or otherwise, subject to clause 7.2. 7.2 Nothing in this agreement shall exclude or restrict either party’s liability for death, personal injury, fraud or any other type of liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law resulting from the negligence of that party (or where relevant its employees or club members while acting in the course of their employment or membership as a club member).


8. Cancellation


8.1 The Organiser may, for any reason, cancel or postpone the Event at their absolute discretion. 8.2 The Organiser will notify the Applicant in writing as soon as reasonably possible, if a decision under clause 8.1 is taken to cancel or postpone the Event. 8.3 If, after submitting an application which is subsequently accepted by the Organiser, the Applicant; a) is no longer able to display their Vehicle(s) at the Event; or b) would like to amend their application in anyway, they will notify the Organiser in writing as soon as reasonably possible. 8.4 Following receipt of a notice in accordance with clause 8.3 the Organiser is entitled to: a) (in the case of a notice under clause 8.3 (a)) immediately re-allocate any display space(s) and VIP parking space(s) and cancel any other specific arrangements at the Venue that were previously set aside or made for the Applicant without giving notice to the Applicant; b) (in the case of a notice under clause 8.3 (a)) remove, amend or replace any reference to the Applicant or their Vehicle(s) from any promotional materials produced for the Event (in any form) (if any); and c) (in the case of a notice under clause 8.3 (b)) amend any arrangements previously reached with the Applicant.


9. Costs


Each party will bear its own costs in relation to the performance of their obligations under this agreement.


10. Third parties


This Agreement does not give any person who is not a party to it any right to enforce any of its provisions under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.


11. Variations


No variation of this agreement shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by each of the parties.


12. Assignment and other dealings prohibited


Neither party shall assign, transfer or deal in any other manner with any part of this agreement without the prior written consent of the other party (which is not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed).


13. Governing law and jurisdiction


This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

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